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PT AMRITA ENVIRO ENERGI | Water & Waste Water Treatment Plant and Solid Waste Specialist


Best Water Treatment Plant In Indonesia

We design and build a treatment plant to treat all kinds of raw water into clean potable, soft, and demineralized water. Aside from designing and building the treatment plant, to reduce customer problems, we also provide operation and maintenance services for the built water treatment plant.


PT. Amrita Enviro Energi (PT. AEE) is a water treatment company based in Indonesia that utilizes a range of advanced technologies and techniques to produce high-quality water for various purposes. Our water treatment plant employs a combination of conventional methods, such as coagulation, flocculation, sand filtration, and carbon filtration, as well as membrane filtration techniques such as ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis. These processes allow us to produce clean, potable, soft, and demineralized water, suitable for a variety of applications.


One of our areas of expertise is the production of ultra-pure water, which has a conductivity of 0.055 μS/cm at 25 ºC. This highly purified water is ideal for use in a range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, electronics, and research. Additionally, our demineralization plants are equipped to treat all types of raw water, using advanced plain water treatment processes to achieve high levels of purity and quality. Overall, we are committed to providing reliable and consistent water solutions to our customers through our advanced treatment processes and technologies. We master membrane filtration (Ultra Filtration and Reverse Osmosis) for the water treatment plant. Big clients and companies in Indonesia trust us.


A water treatment plant is a destination where wastewater (water that is no longer fit for its current purpose) moves to once it leaves homes and businesses through sewage pipes. Water treatment plants (WTP) are critical facilities around the world that produce clean and healthy water for consumption.


  Sand filter machine for water treatment plant in Indonesia     water treatment plant in indonesia


Our Water Treatment Plant in Indonesia


For more than 30 years, we have been installing hundreds of water treatments in cities across Indonesia and covering industrial Food and beverages, Automotive, Real and industrial estate, Textile, cigarettes, etc. Serving remarkable clients like Indofood, Pertamina, Siemens, etc. You can view the projects we have completed for your reference.


Why Choose Our Water Treatment Services


  • Specialized in water treatment plant solution & contractor for more than 30 years
  • Trusted by big clients and companies in Indonesia
  • Overseas experiences in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Nigeria, and Vietnam
  • All-in-one solutions, from sampling, construction, and commissioning


 Water Treatment Steps


The water treatment process involves several steps to remove impurities and contaminants from water. The first step is coagulation, where positively charged chemicals are added to water to neutralize the negative charge of dirt and other dissolved particles. The particles then combine with the chemicals to form slightly larger particles. Common chemicals used in this step include aluminum, iron, and specific salts.


The next step is flocculation, which involves the gentle mixing of water to form larger and heavier particles called flocs. Additional chemicals may be added during this step to aid in the formation of flocs.


Sedimentation is the third step in the water treatment process, where the flocs settle to the bottom of the water because they are heavier than water.


After sedimentation, the clear water on top undergoes filtration to remove additional solids and impurities. Different types of filters with various pore sizes and materials, such as sand, gravel, and charcoal, are used in filtration to remove dissolved particles, germs, and contaminants, including dust, chemicals, parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Activated carbon filters are also utilized to eliminate bad odors.


The Water Treatment System Offers Numerous Benefits.

1. Eliminates Disease-Causing Bacteria

Water treatment processes such as chlorination, filtration, and UV disinfection are designed to target and neutralize these harmful contaminants. By effectively removing or killing these pathogens, water treatment systems ensure that the water delivered to households and businesses is safe for consumption.


2. Protect the environment

By treating and purifying wastewater, water treatment systems reduce the environmental impact of human activities and help maintain the ecological balance of aquatic habitats.


3. Offers a Source of Clean, Reusable Water

Water treatment systems contribute to sustainability by producing clean, reusable water from various sources, including wastewater and brackish groundwater.


4. Protect Against Waterborne Pollution

 Water treatment systems are equipped with advanced technologies to remove or reduce these pollutants. Processes such as activated carbon adsorption, coagulation, and membrane filtration are employed to ensure that the water supply remains free from harmful chemicals and toxins.

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