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PT AMRITA ENVIRO ENERGI | Water & Waste Water Treatment Plant and Solid Waste Specialist




We managed to recycle wastewater using conventional methods (chemical coagulation, sand- and carbon filtration) and membrane filtration (ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis system). The quality of the recycled water can be suited to the demand such as clean-, potable- or soft water. Depending on the recycled process and the quality of the raw and produced water the cost of recycled water can be cheaper or more expensive than the cost of clean- or potable water from the waterworks. We also provide clean water treatment plants and wastewater treatment plant services with the best methods for your needs.


Benefits of Water Recycle

1. Maintains Freshwater Supply 
2. Reduces Freshwater Diversion from Ecosystems 
3. Reduces Pollution 
4. Water Conservation and Recycling 


waste recycle and reuse chemco     Waste recycle and reuse project

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