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PT AMRITA ENVIRO ENERGI | Water & Waste Water Treatment Plant and Solid Waste Specialist

MSW - Municipal Solid Waste


Solid waste from municipal or MSW (municipal solid waste) or solid hazardous medical waste from hospitals and others shall be treated properly to fulfill the government standard. With our partner PT. Amrita Enviro Energi (AEE) can support the government program, which is WTE (Waste to Energy), to treat the MSW based on BOT or BOO projects.


The solid medical hazardous waste will be treated by an incinerator or vacuum autoclave. We offer the treatment of medical hazardous waste based on BOT so that we invest and operate the equipment during the BOT period. It will help the hospitals with the CAPEX and save operation costs. They pay only the treatment cost per kg of solid waste. We also provide clean water treatment plant and wastewater treatment plant services with the best methods according to your needs.


Benefits of Municipal Solid Waste Treatment

1. Save Energy
2. Reduce Pollution
3. Save Natural Resources
4. Produce Fuel from municipal solid waste


Municipal Solid Waste     Municipal Solid Waste Treatment

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